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EEO Counselor Certification 

This 32 hour 4 day workshop will be broken down into two weeks (16 hours/2 days each week)

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requires that agencies provide certified EEO Counselors to assist employees and applicants who wish to access the informal EEO complaints process. EEO Counselors must have a good understanding of the basic EEO laws covering the rights and responsibilities of federal employees. Counselors play a vital role in assisting agencies in resolving potential complaints at the lowest level possible. This four day class will assure that EEO Counselors:

Course Objectives

  • Will understand the fundamentals of the Federal EEO Complaints process

  • Can perform intake and initial counseling to employees and applicants

  • Are able to conduct interviews with management officials or other involved parties

  • Understand the use of the “limited inquiry” in resolution efforts

  • Can prepare a final Counseling report that addresses jurisdictional and timeliness issues

  • Understand the use of counseling forms

  • Be ready to assist the agency in resolving allegations of discrimination


The four day agenda covers these topics:

Day One

  • Review of Federal EEO Laws, Executive Orders, Regulations and Agency Procedures

  • EEO, Affirmative Employment and Diversity

  • An Overview Of EEO Counseling

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Federal agencies

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Counselor


Day Two

  • Preparing for Contact with an Aggrieved Person (AP)

  • The Initial Interview

  • Avoiding Listening Traps

  • Rights and Responsibilities of APs

  • Completing the Initial Interview

  • Theories of Employment Discrimination


Day Three

  • Conducting the Limited Inquiry

  • Meeting with Agency Officials

  • Obtaining Written Records and Documents

  • Challenges in Harassment Inquiries

  • Resolution Strategies

  • Resolution – Remedies and Settlement


Day Four

  • The Counselor’s Report

  • The Final Interview

  • Counseling on Sexual Orientation Issues

  • Counseling Class Action Complainants

  • Final Quiz and Certification


Who Should Attend: Newly assigned EEO Counselors, EEO Counselors who have not taken a counseling course in the last three years, EEO Specialists needing complaint processing skills, HR and Labor Relations Specialists with

EEO support functions, and Bargaining Unit Representatives in EEO matters.

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