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Busting Bias in the Workplace      

You may have heard, “If you have a brain, you have bias.” Thanks to the advances in neuroscience, we know that all people have bias, but a lesser-known fact is what to do about it. Bias isn’t all bad. Bias can serve a useful purpose by shortening our response time, saving us time and money in some cases. But when bias leads to faulty assumptions based on race, gender, age, or other aspects of a person’s identity, it can bring about unintended consequences and disastrous outcomes. Cognitive biases can impede sound judgment and result in bad decisions. This workshop will cover the harmful impact of bias in the workplace. With awareness-building activities and real-life scenarios, participants will learn to identify and overcome their biases by bringing the unconscious into the conscious realm to respond differently. Participants will learn how to slow down their fast brain processing long enough to make better decisions. 

Learning Objectives: 

·       Define bias and where it comes from 

·       Identify common biases and their impact on the workplace

·       Recognize your blind spots and triggers to override automatic responses to bias 

·       Apply strategies to bust bias and achieve better results

Who should attend: Individuals responsible for required and optional special emphasis programs, such as: Hispanic Employment Program, Federal Women's Program, Disability Employment Program, Black/ African American Program, Asian American/Pacific Islander Program, Native American Program, Veterans Employment Program, Experienced Workers Program, LGBTQ program, and others with EEO/D&I responsibilities.

This session is also recommended for supervisors, hiring managers, and human resource practitioners.

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