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From: Steve Ressier – Founder of govloop Posted by GovLoop on August 12, 2012

  • 1) 60% of Openings are for Current Feds - In our database, we have 1,260 job listenings open right now and 784 (60%) are only available for current feds.  If you are already a fed, make sure you are applying for these openings.

  • 2) 17% are Open less than 10 days - In our database, 215 of the 1,260 (17%) job openings are open less than 10 days.  This is actually a lot fewer than I thought.  But for these jobs you have to be quick to find out about them to apply - some argue most of these jobs have internal candidates, but other career advisors and HR officials have told me that just as often these are real openings with quick turnarounds.

  • 3) 61% of Openings are Mid-Senior Level - In our database, 773 of the 1,260 jobs (61%) are mid to senior level jobs (GS 12 to 15) - there's a lot fewer entry and lower level grade openings.

  • 4) 21% Have Multiple Vacancies - In our database, 271 of the 1,260 jobs (21%) have 2 or more vacancies in the job opening.  I always encourage folks to especially look at these job openings as these are agencies motivated to quickly hire and your odds are increased

**Caveat - This is based on our database which of USAJOBS openings, it only focuses on white-collar gov't jobs and doesn't have all USAJOBS openings so stats may not be representative.

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